Atlanta Plastic S2 E1- Bring It! To Atlanta

Ken’s Skin Removal

The desire to lose weight is often stronger than one’s ability to do so, which makes getting fit difficult. On the season premiere of Atlanta Plastic, we learn that published author and motivational speaker, Ken, knows this struggle very well. Ken, a former contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser,  lost 150 pounds and was looking to improve a couple of areas as he continued on his weight loss journey. He had a prior male breast reduction surgery and was not pleased with the excess skin and tissue that was left on his chest wall. He also desired to have his overhanging abdominal skin removed to make it easier for him to exercise. Ken’s prior efforts with weight loss had deflated these areas and made them amenable to surgery. Dr. Baron performed a revision of his breast reduction surgery with an upper body lift by removing his excess skin and fat while improving his scars. She also performed a male abdominoplasty to remove the excess abdominal skin and fat in his midsection. Ken’s recovery time for these procedures was around 2-3 weeks. He wore a post-operative compression garment to help with swelling and contour as he healed. He is very pleased with his results and has gotten back into the gym!

If you’re ready to rid yourself of excess skin after massive weight loss, contact us TODAY for a consultation!


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